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The 2023

Unified World Championships


Official WKO Teams will also be travelling to the 2023 Unified World Championships

Attendance to the Unified World Championships is only permitted through International Teams recognised by the Unified World Championships

WKO and WKO International Teams are recognised teams able to both register and compete at these prestigious events against 1000's of other athletes from around the world battling it out to be crowned Unified World Champion.

Also if successful 2023 WKO World Champions also win the Unified World Championships

in the same year they earn the title of...

Undisputed World Champion 2023!

Images from the Unified World Championships

WKO Unified World Championships 2023

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Where does the World Championships take place?

The Unified World Championships take place in Italy, in Marina di Carrara (Tuscany). Set in beautiful position between marble queries in the mountains and the blue sea, it’s an ideal base for a fantastic holiday, and not far from world famous sites such as Pisa, Florence, Lucca, Volterra, Cinque Terre, and many more (30 minutes to 2 hour away).


Where will I be competing?

Everything takes place in the “CARRARA FIERE” complex, a massive venue in Marina di Carrara, Viale Colombo, 1 km west (towards sea) off the Carrara exit of Genova-Livorno motorway.


What happens at the Check In?

All competitors are required to bring their registration forms, fit to fight declaration and weigh in at the weigh in station.


What happens if I do not weigh what I registered?

You will be moved into the next category which the weight you weighed matches.


Is there an online schedule?

No, unfortunately the Unified World Championships work off a notice board which they attach the categories which will be run that day and for the following day.


How will I no when I am competing?

Coaches will monitor the notice board so they know which day and which area and time your category will run on.


Do I need to weigh in?

Yes all fighting competitors require to weigh in, weigh in will be Wednesday 25th October.


When does World Championships start?

The competitions start on Thursday 26th October 10.00am. after the Opening Ceremony.



What time do we have to be there?

All competitors need to be there at 08.00am in the morning to attend the

Opening Ceremony.


How many divisions can I enter?

Now that you have been successfully selected for the squad you can enter as many divisions as you like, but your entries must be authorised by your coach.


When do I need to pay for my entries?

All entries must be paid for by 1st September


How much do the divisions cost?

Your first entry costs £65 any additional categories are £45 per category.


Do I need a fit to fight declaration?

Yes all fighters must have a fit to fight declaration completed by either their own GP or a Doctor hired to conduct the team medicals.


Can my club coach attend?

Yes club coaches can attend, but if they are not an official WKO-GB team coach they will be required to cover own room and travel costs.


Where exactly is the venue of the competition?

Everything takes place in the “CARRARA FIERE” complex, a massive venue in Marina di Carrara, Viale Colombo, 1 km west (towards sea) off the Carrara exit of Genova-Livorno motorway.


When does World Championships start? What time do we have to be there?

The competition commences each day from 9am. All fighters need to check the schedule for updates and to ensure arrive a suitable time to both warm up and compete.


How do we get to the venue from the hotel?

Shuttle buses can be provided throughout the day for transportation to and from the venue, these are not included in the total price. We strongly recommend people group together to hire car/mini bus to car pool. Coach pas can be purchased at £25 per person.



What are 1st, 2nd & 3rd places rewards?

All will be awarded either Gold, Silver or Bronze Medals


Will there be a belt upgrade option for winners?

Potentially yes, we have designed one but awaiting Unified World Championships endorsing the sales of these belts.


Flights & Transportation:


Are the costs of the flights included?

No, flights are not included.


How much do flights cost?

Flights can vary depending on times/locations fly to and from and which airline you book with. At present time for example March 2023

  • Departing: Manchester Airport Arriving: Pisa Airport 24th October

  • Departing: Pisa Airport, Arriving: Manchester Airport 30th October

Total cost economy £205


When/Where is Jon Green flying out to and from?

The above is where and when I will be aiming to fly to and from.


Are transfers from and to the airport included?

No due to the 1000’s of competitors arriving they can be upto a an 8hr or more weight for you to be picked up from the airport. We strongly recommend hiring own transport because of this. Airport transfers can be arranged for £35 per person


Why do WKO recommend hiring cars?

Based on a family of 4 it will costs £240 on coach passes. Deals can be found for hiring car for week at £150 so big saving.

Cars can be booked so when arrive at airport 2 minutes walk to pick car up, and same for drop off. We usually have a day off in the trip where people can travel to many beautiful places less that 1hr away from hotel. Daily coaches pick up at 8am in the morning and don’t return until 7pm. So if you aren’t fighting until 12pm could set off at 11am then once competed come and go as please. Hotel is 10 mins drive from the venue, The coach travels round all the other hotels dropping others off too so can be an hour long trip, this is also the same for the Morning, Car hire is the best experience by far!




What is the name of the hotel we will be staying in?

WKO-GB and other WKO International teams will be staying at the Hotel Joseph







Are meals included?

Yes, breakfast and an evening meal are included, along with wine with your evening meal.


If I have dietary requirements such as intolerances to certain foods or meat free choices can these be catered for?

Yes within reason your dietary needs can be accommodated for if let us know in advance, and you discuss with the hotel daily regarding meal choices.


Can we book our own accommodation?

No unfortunately not, accommodation in and around the area is booked out by The Unified World Championships, rooms can then only allocated to officially invited teams.


How many spectators/supporters am I allowed to bring?

You can bring as many as you like


Competition Attire:


Is a fight suit included in the price?

No, fight suits have to be purchased in an addition these accommodation.


Can I wear the team kit I bought for the WKO World Championships?

Yes, all team kit was designed for this purpose.

Can I wear my club kit or and another associations team kit?

No, all members of WKO-GB are required to where the official Team GB kit.


Can additional Hoodies or T-Shirts be purchased?

Yes additional WKO Hoodies and T-shirts can be purchased.


When does team kit need to be ordered by?

All Team kit must be ordered by 1st June 2023


Is my WKO Competitor licence suitable travel insurance?

No, the above mentioned insurance policy is not a substitute for a Travel Insurance policy and therefore we strongly recommend that the you arrange suitable Travel Insurance which covers you for the Martial Arts you wish to compete in.


WKO-GB are looking into a group policy which WKO Team GB members can purchase, TBC.


Medical Certificate:

All competitors MUST have a WKO medical certificate to compete at the Unified World Championships. These are  included in the costs, WKO Team squad session will be arranged where all can train and have a fit to fight medical carried out, witch will be arranged closer to the time.




Does this include travel Insurance?

No all traveling need to ensure they each have sufficient travel insurance.


Does the price include combat sports insurance?

No all traveling need to ensure they each have sufficient travel insurance.


Can WKO arrange transportation of weapons?

No this must be arranged by yourself




Can we put our weapons in our luggage?

We cannot guarantee ANY type of weapon will be allowed within your luggage, therefore we recommend weapons go through as additional addition luggage on the day collectively categorised as ‘Demonstration Equipment’

What are my fees paying for?

Your fees which you pay to WKO include the costs of:

  • Fighter entry and categories in the Unified World Championships

  • Spectator entry fees in the Unified World Championships

  • Transport to and from airport 

  • Transport to and from hotel/venue where championships is held


A small fee is included in also included into each fee element above which goes towards paying for accommodation of WKO Officials and WKO Coaches. For each 10 competitors in attendance WKO provides paid accommodation for 1 Coach or Official.

WKO feel its important that all are aware, that this included fee which is embedded into all items paid for in relation to the Unified World Championships and what it goes to cover to support WKO Officials and Coaches in attendance.



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