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World Kickboxing Organisation
Awarding Organisation

Since launching in 2017 WKO have awarded many things ranging from Kyu/Kup Grades, Dan Grades, Coaching, Referees, Judges Qualifications & Championship Titles.

All WKO awards have been either toughly tested or contested as our standards are not only high but also credible and sought after.

WKO have now launched online courses which can be taken at your leisure. All are highly regarded and a necessary requirement of a level of competence or understanding.


WKO proudly offer FREE online courses including:

(All completely free to undertake and include a WKO Certificate on completion)

Due to high demand WKO converted our Judges and Referees courses to much more easily accessible online courses.

Each online course gives vital knowledge and understanding of what is required to be a qualified WKO Judge or Referee. Once qualified then can gain vital hands on practical experience at WKO events to develop the skills required to be a competent WKO WKO Judge or Referee.

Online courses available for WKO Officials are:

  • WKO Online Judges Course

  • WKO Online Referees Course

  • WKO Online Judges & Referees Course

To view the easily accessible WKO Online Courses click the button below:

WKO is proud to list as an awarding organisation for the further development of martial arts. Our current Coaches Qualifications and Officials Qualifications have been highly sort after and respected throughout the martial arts community.

We are now extremely proud to announce we have tailored and structured routes from Assistant Coach level to Master Teacher level.

What does the WKO Assistant Coach to Master Teacher structure look like?

  • WKO Level 1 Award Assistant Coach of Martial Arts

  • WKO level 2 Certificate Senior Coach of Martial Arts

  • WKO Level 3 Diploma Teacher of Martial Arts

  • WKO Level 4 Degree Master of Teaching of Martial Arts

  • WKO Level 5 Degree Grand Master of Teaching of Martial Arts

The structure above is in place as we believe just as Kyu/Kup progress through the grades as Dan/Degree also do. So should Coaches to Teachers as our students grow/progress so do we as Teachers.

Alike for Dan/Degree grades there must be a time limit of time served in practice 

The time scales to have been adapted to enable candidates to come in at the right level:

  • WKO Level 1 Award Assistant Coach of Martial Arts
    (Minimum age 16yrs and hold 1st Dan/Degree Black Belt)

  • WKO level 2 Certificate Senior Coach of Martial Arts
    (Minimum 2yrs coaching martial arts)

  • WKO Level 3 Diploma Teacher of Martial Arts
    (Minimum 5yrs coaching/teaching martial arts)

  • WKO Level 4 Degree Master of Teaching of Martial Arts
    (Minimum 10yrs teaching martial arts)

  • WKO Level 5 Degree Grand Master of Teaching of Martial Arts
    (Minimum 20yrs teaching martial arts)

There may be 5 levels of Assistant Coach to Grand Master but there are 3 different qualification structures.

  • Duties and Roles expected for an Assistant Coach of Martial Arts

  • Duties and Roles expected for a Senior Coach of Martial Arts

Then as the role develops into teaching of Martial Arts there is set expectations for

  • Duties & Roles expected for a Teacher of Martial Arts


The duration from Teacher to Master to Grand Master is through time served in continual teaching of Martial Arts and the self improvement and continued personal development of teaching of Martial Arts.

How the qualification will differ will be through endorsements and increments of either Teacher, Master or Grand Master.

All candidates will go through an initial assessment process to ensure they are on the correct course and the correct level for them.

Some may have 20yrs experience of teaching and start right at Grand Master level this is possible but will require an extensive and thorough interview and assessment process.

There were no known coaching or teaching qualifications in place for learning practitioners of Martial Arts. WKO has not only formulated and designed these qualifications but also put them into a formatted and recognised structure which follows the path of a true Martial Artist.

WKO have also developed a bespoke qualification for Event Organisers which will be

  • WKO Level 3 Diploma in Boxing & Martial Arts Event Management, Organisation & Promotion

Again there was no known qualification or structure in place for a specific route for an event organiser of Martial Arts.

A cornerstone of what WKO aim to achieve is the increased credibility of our Martial Artists, Teachers and Event Organisers.

By creating a standardised structure of learning outcomes and assessment criteria all who achieve these qualifications do so meeting the highest of standards. 

At present all WKO Awarding Organisation qualifications are none regulated. As such are not government funded for delegates to complete. All delegates wishing to achieve these highly regarded and martial arts industry standard qualifications, do so by being self funded.

At present WKO has applied for Ofqual recognition which when successful will transform our qualifications from none regulated to regulated qualifications.

No other association/organisation has ever set an industry standard. As you read this WKO are the very first to establish Martial Arts Industry Standard Qualifications.

And through our global network of 73 countries become not only nationally recognised qualifications but Global Recognised Qualifications.

To view the qualification units and module structure click each button.

Remember Master & Grand Master are incremental endorsements of the Level 3 structure
through time spent teaching Martial Arts

Please note due to copy write the brochures available to view only show the requirements and unit structures. All Learning Outcomes and Assessment Criteria are not published online.


Full qualification specifications will be released to candidates upon completion of initial assessment and successful enrolment to the course/qualification. 

​Coaching Qualifications:

  • WKO Level 1 Award Assistant Coach of Martial Arts = £175

  • WKO level 2 Certificate Senior Coach of Martial Arts = £350


Teaching Qualifications:

  • WKO Level 3 Diploma Teacher of Martial Arts = £500

  • WKO Level 4 Degree Master of Teaching of Martial Arts = £500

  • WKO Level 5 Degree Grand Master of Teaching of Martial Arts = £500


Event Management Qualifications:

  • WKO Level 3 Diploma in Boxing & Martial Arts Event Management, Organisation & Promotion = £400

These qualifications are available for any Martial Arts coach wishing to progress and gain recognition as a credible coach/teacher, regardless of association they may be affiliated to.

Discounts are however available for WKO clubs and instructors.

These prices are set at None Regulated Qualifications following Ofqual approval the Regulated version will be twice the above listed price.

All who achieve the None Regulated version will be able to upgrade to Regulated version for the certification processing fee of £25. 

Once WKO gain Ofqual recognition we will run both versions None Regulated and Regulated but it will be down to the costs which candidates decide which is best for them.


The qualification structure, units and learning out comes will be the same, only the route of entry will differ.

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