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Would you like to join WKO.

There are various ways you may wish to join us at the World Kickboxing Organisation (WKO).

What ways of membership are available under WKO?


Well these vary see below:

  • WKO Licenced Member: This means you are a member of a WKO registered club, and you have a WKO Member Licence. Or you may be registered as a WKO Competitor with a WKO Competitor Licence. (WKO Competitor Licences can be purchased through the WKO Store)

  • WKO Approved Instructor: you can become an approved WKO Instructor once your club is registered as a WKO club and you have completed all requirements.

  • WKO Approved club: if you would like to register your club as a WKO club where you can register your instructors and members through WKO follow the link below.

  • Are you interested in becoming one of our WKO Global Representatives. We have 3 different levels of representatives within our global network, which range from:
    WKO National Representative
    WKO National Director
    WKO National President

  • We have 84 representatives worldwide and counting throughout the WKO Global Network. If you would like to be a WKO National Representative, Director or President  please follow the correct link below.

The links below will take you to application forms you need, depending on which way you would like to join WKO.

(DBS Checks cost £65)

For UK Based clubs if you are wishing to switch associations, but are hesitant due to either it costing you more annually for your insurance or your members licence may be in date and dont want them to have to pay again while current licence still live.


 Then dont worry WKO has a fantastic offer for migrating clubs:

  • If your currently under Martial Guard, you can switch your instructor policy over to us at NO extra charge.

  • Your current/live members licences will be honoured by WKO until they expire. Once they expire simply renew them through WKO. We do require proof of current members licence to be able to honour them. Don't worry all we require is the name of your student and the expiry date, yes we have made it that simple.

  • All your grades and certificates will be honoured through WKO and WKO certificates processed for you in acceptance of you joining WKO

If your interested simply click the form you need an apply today. Or if would like to contact WKO HQ please feel free to do so, we are here to help.

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