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The Official and recognised World Kickboxing Organisation 
Kickboxing Grading Syllabus

This Syllabus was designed and launched by WKO World President Jon Green. First launched in 1999 has produced many National, International and World Champions both Amateur and Professional.


This Syllabus is also protected under copy write laws and is the sole intellectual property of World President Jon Green.


WKO Registered clubs are only permitted to train and grade from this Syllabus. Anyone found to be using and grading from this Syllabus without the consent or authorisation from World President Jon Green WILL face legal action.   

All approved and registered WKO Kickboxing clubs can train their members following this proven and legitimate structure. They can also Grade up to 1st KYU (Brown Belt) within their club.

Clubs may wish to be grade by World President Jon Green which can be arranged upon request.

National Dan Grading shall be held twice a year July (As part of WKO World Championships) and December.

NO Students/Members shall be allowed to jump through Dan Grades this is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN.

Students may however double grade ONCE! at KYU grade level if they show great advancement or win a major tournament or title fight.



8th KYU to 1st KYU £30 includes Grading, Certificate of Grade and Belt


For further information of how to join as a WKO club or get involved in our Grading system contact Jon Green Email:

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