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A Way Forward - After Lockdown

World Kickboxing Organisation have today outlined its restructured plans of how to proceed once operations are back up and running following the Coronavirus pandemic.

It includes details  arrangements for the postponed 2020 Championships and what will now happen with international representative fixtures and WKO training courses.

The new way forward – which is made on the assumption that things will begin to return to normal in August, and will be continually reviewed – has been decided following a recent online meeting of the WKO Executive Directors, where all the relevant issues were discussed.

"In recognition of the these unprecedented times, and the simple fact that there can be no activity in Clubs at this time, WKO has taken a number of decisions to find an alternative path once the Coronavirus pandemic has passed,” said world president Jon Green.

We have needed to research government guidelines, insurers and suppliers in order to ensure the information we are providing is accurate and deliverable.

Our plans and actions will be under review as things progress over the coming weeks. The basis of our position will always be to start from the advice provided by the government.

Membership Fees:

  • All WKO licences which are in date continue to be covered by out WKO member to member group policy

  • All WKO insured instructors also continue to be covered by the WKO Instructor policy

  • All Members & Instructors will be required to renew their policies when they expire. This is to ensure continual cover. 

  • We understand some may wish to renew at a later date due to financial reasons. But do so under the understanding if their licence/policy has expired then they are not covered, until they renew. We may understand the reasons for not renewing but advise against not keeping your licence or policy up to date.

  • With no income to the clubs whilst they have been shut, WKO fully understands why clubs may not be able to renew as recommended. 


Open Championships & Gala Events:

WKO understands how important these are to the Competitors and Clubs and it remains its intention to get as many of the 2020 Championships completed.

Events we have lost this year:

  • WKO European Championships April (Cancelled)

  • WKO 5 Nations Championships June (Cancelled)

  • WKO World Championships July (Postponed) August (Cancelled)

  • WKO British Championships September (Cancelled)

  • WKO European Championships October (Cancelled)

  • WKO European Championships 29th November (In place)

In rescheduling/cancelling these championships, and from the feedback received, the costs for the Clubs and Regions, and the likely timelines available, have been taken into account.

WKO Courses:

There are various outstanding deadlines. It is currently planned to accommodate these as follows:​

  • WKO Training Courses:
    A, WKO Judges & Referees Course
    B, WKO Trainer & Seconds Course

  •  These will be all postponed until September. Those booked on the courses between now and August will be contacted regarding rearrangements, WKO is also currently exploring online CPD options.


As well as being about training and competition, WKO recognises that martial arts is invaluable to members’ mental health and well being and is committed to exploring further ways in which to support in this regard.

WKO is available to offer immediate support and advice, as required. Members can contact WKO directly, then you can contact us email:


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