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WKO - Online Judge's & Referee's Course

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WKO - Judge's & Referee's Course: For global standardisation of WKO Ringside & Tatami Judge's & Referee's These modules are to give you the basic knowledge and understanding required. As a starting point on your journey from C-Class Judge to A-Class Judge/Referee. Progression from C to A-Class can only be achieved through actively working as a Ringside or Tatami Official. And also as a part of continued CPD of retaking and passing the online examination. (Progress from each class no less than 12 months) We recommend upon successful completion of each module and meeting the minimum required pass mark. You attend a WKO sanctioned event and shadow an A-Class judge. Shadowing is how all Officials learn the basics and pick up their trade by learning off others and evaluating decisions. You are welcome to attend any WKO event but are required to ask permission from the event organiser. When contacting them express your interest in being a shadow judge to gain deeper experience of the skills required to becoming a competent Ringside or Tatami Official. On completion of this course we will send you your E-Cert (PDF) Official Judge/Referee Certification. For UK based Officials this also includes your WKO Officials Insurance. WKO Officials Polo Shirts can be purchased for an additional £25 from the WKO store. Undertaking of the online modules, gives you the basic knowledge and understanding required. Required on the first step of the ladder to become a WKO Official. WKO Have gone to great lengths to condense the course content into module sized videos. Which you can undertake in the comfort of your own home at your leisure. These courses are designed to give you the basic knowledge and understanding. The practical skills required to become a proficient Official are gained shadowing A-Class officials. Once become confident you will start to make the decisions which will effect the outcome of Winners & Losers efficiently, confidently, fairly and impartially.

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WKO Judge/Referee Annual Subscription
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WKO - Officials Forum

WKO - Officials Forum

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