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There are 2 sets of rankings within WKO:

  • The WKO World Rankings 

  • WKO World Grand Prix


World Rankings for Title Fights

World Rankings for Title Fights where fights are based on eligibility.

Title eligibility criteria:

Regional Title = Minimum 5 fights 2/3 win to loss ratio

National Title = Minimum 10 fights 2/3 win to loss ratio + held Regional

European Title = Minimum 15 fights 2/3 win to loss ratio + held National

World Title = Minimum 20 fights 2/3 win to loss ratio + held European 

Experience to be considered for WKO titles can be earned through WKO Ringsports Championships through recognition of points/experience achieved in the Word Series Grand Prix.

WKO World Grand Prix


Click the below link to view the WKO World Grand Prix Requirements:


For example once the current season starts, the previous seasons results will be removed, this is to avoid confusion with current/past statistics

Congratulations Awards Nominees!

The 2022 season has now ended, all winners of their Rules and Weights have been graded into

Overall Winner & Age/Weight Winner


All winners are now Awards Nominees!

Click the link below to view the Alphabetical list of

Grand Prix Awards Nominees



WKO 2022
Click the Rules below to view the current rankings

WKO Rankings  

(Click the Belt below to order your Grand Prix, Grand Champion Belt)

2021 Grand Prix Belt

The above rankings are only possible due to the hard work and dedication from the Clubs & Coaches willing to face all comers by entering the
WKO World Grand Prix Series
A Fighters Championships powered by 
Fighting Clubs

We just cant do it without you,
We do it for your, thank you.

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