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الجمعة، 27 يناير


Metrodome Arena

2023 English Open Spectator Tickets

Get you're spectators tickets while they are hot, when they are gone they are gone!

Registration is Closed
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2023 English Open Spectator Tickets
2023 English Open Spectator Tickets

Time & Location

27 يناير 2023، 5:00 م غرينتش – 29 يناير 2023، 5:00 م غرينتش

Metrodome Arena, Queens Ground, Queens Rd, Barnsley S71 1AN, UK

About the Event

This Championships depends upon Covid-19 restrictions remaining lifted for the return to play for combat sports in the UK.

Covid-19 safeguarding policies will be adhered to (Inline with the government requirements at the time)

Event Timings and details:

Optional day before:

Weigh ins

Licence Check

Check in, weigh etc will also be available on the day of the championships.

Friday 27th Janury will be the "Optional day Before" weigh in for RINGSPORTS 5pm to 7pm

Saturday 28th January from 8am will be the on day weigh in for Ringsports.

Saturday 28th January from 6pm-7pm will be the "Day before Weigh in for TATAMI SPORTS

Sunday 29th January from 8am will be the on day weigh in for Tatami Sports.


All Medicals will be carried out on the 1st day of the championships (if a 2 day championships)

Juniors from 9am

Adults from 1pm

Running time of the Championships:

  • From 8am Doors open
  • Juniors Championships 10am to 3pm
  • Adults Championships 3pm to 8pm

11 Areas in total (Times may vary!)

No Licence No Fight No Refund 

Fail Medical No Fight No Refund 

Fail weigh in we will try to rematch you but if cant No Refund, let us know in advance if you are over the weight you registered for, so e can do our best to rearrnage your categories.

All who register are provisionally placed into categories within the age weight limit allowances. 

We do NOT merge categories. If fighters cant be directly matched we will create new divisions within the standard age and weight allowance. (All other competitions are 3yrs+ and up to 6k so we still do the fairest divisions)

If we cant match you within the standard age and weight allowance we will refund you, or allow you switch rules or move up ages or weight division at YOUR coaches consent.

All divisions are provisional until all fighters have weighed in, passed licence check and passed medical where required. 

These things are out of our control but will do our best to manage any changes which need to be made following the check stages.

We will always do our best to match as many as possible, but will always notify and refund those that cant be matched.

If pay through PayPal these are much quicker refund returns than card payments. This is out of our control but will en-devour to get your repayment to you as soon as possible.

WKO Amateur Rules can be found following this link:


IN CONSIDERATION of my involvement in WKO Fight Events and activities under the auspices of the WKO, their officers, volunteers, staff, sponsors, and/or agents acknowledge, appreciate and agree that: 1, I RISK BODILY INJURY, INCLUDING PARALYSIS, DISMEMBERMENT and DEATH, while the particular rules of KICKBOXING, K-1, THAIBOXING, SPORT-JUJITSU & SPORT-BOXING, equipment, and personal training and discipline may reduce this risk, THE RISK OF INJURY DOES EXIST, AS DOES THE RISK OF DAMAGE TO OR LOSS OF PROPERTY. 2, I KNOWINGLY AND FREELY ASSUME ALL RISKS, BOTH KNOWN AND UNKNOWN, EVEN IF ARISING FROM NEGLIGENCE OF THE ABOVE MENTIONED RELEASED PARTIES. 3, I willingly agree to comply with the stated and customary terms and conditions for a COMPETITOR at a WKO Event, if however, I observe any unusual or unnecessary hazard during my presence or participation, I will bring these incidents to the immediate attention of the nearest WKO official and/or WKO Licensed Trainer/Promoter. 4, FOR MYSELF, AND ON BEHALF OF MY HEIRS, THOSE ASSIGNED AS A PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVE, AND NEXT OF KIN, HEREBY: RELEASE, HOLD HARMLESS AND PROMISE NOT TO SUE THE WKO, OR THEIR OFFICERS, VOLUNTEERS, STAFF, OR SPONSORS. FURTHER I AND/OR MY PARENT/GUARDIAN “RELEASES” LIABILITY OF ANY OF THE FORE MENTIONED TO ANY AND ALL INJURY AND LOSS ARISING FROM MY PARTICIPATION, WHETHER CAUSED BY NEGLIGENCE OR OTHERWISE, EXCEPT THAT WHICH IS THE RESULT OF GROSS NEGLIGENCE OR WANTON MISCONDUCT.

The World Kickboxing Organisation (WKO) 

I have read this Release of Liability and Waiver of Agreement and fully understand its terms and sign it freely and voluntarily which my digital signature and agreement is through registering for this event knowing and agreeing to these terms.

By registering and to compete in this event and by making payment and follow login procedures. I fully accept this is my digital signature to certify that I, as an officially WKO recognised competitor/parent of competitor/coach of competitor/guardian of competitor of combat sports, consent to the registered competitor/s and agree to this release, and also agree for myself/ourselves, my/our heirs, assigns and next of kin, to release and indemnify from all liability, incidents to my involvement as stated above.


  • Tatami-Spectator Sunday

    This Ticket allows you to spectate through out the WKO Open Championships

    UK£ 15.00
    مباع بالكامل
  • Saturday Morning - 8am to 1pm

    This Ticket is strictly only for admittance to Spectate Junior Fighters between 8am to 1pm (this is not a ticket for a child, its a ticket to spectate the age groups competing between 10am to 1pm) This Ticket allows you to spectate through out the WKO Morning English Championships. To spectate at the event which is for competitors listed as competing before 1pm Starting from 8am to 1pm

    UK£ 15.00
    مباع بالكامل
  • Saturday Afternoon -1pm to 6pm

    This Ticket allows you to spectate through out the WKO Afternoon English Championships for ages that are competing after 1pm. This Ticket is strictly only for admittance to Spectate Fighters between 1pm and 6pm Once your fighter has fought please vacate to allow other spectators in

    UK£ 15.00
    مباع بالكامل

نفدت تذاكر هذا الحدث

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